Thoughts on Mother’s Day for the Sandwich Generation

As Mother’s Day approaches my thoughts turn to those who may be members of the “sandwich” generation.  There are close to 20 million people in the United States or 1 out of 8 who are raising a child or children and caring for a parent in their home.  The needs of both the parent and the children can be great and the balancing act often falls on the shoulders of the “mom” in the middle.  Demographics is telling us that we are all living longer but that often means that as we age health problems increase.  Some of these health problems and changes associated with them means that we are faced with a dilemma of what to do when our parent can no longer live alone.  Our parents are often adamant about remaining independent.  They want to remain in their own homes even though a recent health event means this is no longer possible.  How to resolve these issues can be stressful and challenging.  The attached article on The Sandwich Generation offers valuable insights into this problem as well as steps to take now to prepare for this in the future.  I hope you all find this helpful and Happy Mother’s Day.


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