Medication Management

Managing numerous medications can be overwhelming and time consuming in the best of circumstances.  Luckily, the next generation of automated pillboxes is here, leaving little room for error.

Ensure compliance day-in and day-out, eliminate the risk of over or under-dosing and produce personalized medication reports for caregivers.  Prices range from $175 to $375 based upon your needs.

CONTACT US for personalized assistance in selecting the right one for your unique circumstances. Our unique consultative approach allows us to help you decide on the right unit and we will personally deliver the unit and help with the set-up and installation.

FEATURED – MedReady Medication Management

With more features at a lower cost than competitors this system was filed tested for 8 months. The enlarged tray holds more medications, medication is under lock and key, and the alarm in the dispenser is as easy to set as a digital clock. The unit holds 28 doses of dry medication and has options of audible alarm, flashing light or low frequency alarm for the hard of hearing.  Remote monitoring is also available which calls up to 3 phone numbers and sends an e-mail if a dose is not taken.  A record of medication compliance and/or non-compliance is available on line.

Watch the video to SEE HOW THIS SYSTEM WORKS

Simplify Medication Compliance                                                    

Individual pill compartments light up at the proper time making
it crystal clear which to take. If not accessed, this pill box gives an
auditory reminder.

Caregivers can be automatically notified of failure to comply through real-time email or text notifications.  Refill manually or through a tray pre-filled by a pharmacist.

No up-front costs or long term contracts

$39/month service

Medication Organizer and Monitor                                              

Despite a busy schedule, this organizer helps you take
the right dose at the right time.  Pills are displayed in clear boxes
with your own descriptions to avoid confusion.

Away from home?  A carrying case is included for easy travel, or remove a day’s worth of medication to bring with you.  Printable reports keep you fully prepared for health or wellness appointments.

Automatic Pill Diapenser                                                                                                                     

Automated pill dispenser reminds you of up to four doses daily, while
dispensing the correct medication. Caregivers can be automatically notified
if a dose is missed, and patients are restricted to only one dose at a time






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