Personal Emergency

Personal Emergency Response Systems

Did you know that Life Alert is only one of many emergency pendant solutions?  There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to your safety.  That’s why we offer a selection of emergency pendant systems with different features and benefits.

SilverPlus Personal Response

SilverCare combines advanced technology with timeless style.  It is elegant and compact and is available either in a pendant or watch.

SilverCare offers alert aids including two-way communication, priority help calling, and dedicated 911.  Fall prevention aids include remote call-answering and an optional accessory for the user to turn lights on and off wirelessly. In addition, it offers medication and appointment reminders and a Home and Away feature which notifies a loved one or neighbor that the user has left home and returned safely. In addition, unlike Life Alert, there are NO monthly payments or contracts.

Linear Personal Response

This is a traditional PERS system which connects to a 24/7 monitoring company.  It comes with a comfortable neck and wrist pendant.  The pendant is small and lightweight and has 2-way communication through the base unit.  It also has up to four years of battery life.

LogicMark Personal Response

The LogicMark PERS also connects to a 24/7 monitoring company, has 2-way communication through speaker on the pendant, and is water resistant.   The range is hundreds of feet from the base and allows multiple users.  Up to 4 pendants per base.

SurePod Emergency Alert

Emergency alert service anywhere there’s cell service. SurePod is an advanced Personal Emergency
Response Service (PERS) that acesses the T Mobile cellular network.  Unlike home-based alert
alert systems, this portable device gives you peace of mind in and out of your home.  Works
anywhere there is cellular coverage.

CONTACT US for assistance in choosing the right solution for your unique circumstances and budget.  We know your options when it comes to Personal Emergency Response System.


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