Seniors and Family

Seniors – Age Gracefully and Safely in Your Own Home

Family – Gain Peace of Mind and a Deeper Connection with Your Loved One

Do your grown children question your ability to continue living at home, alone?  Your family means well, but you want to stay independent and comfortable in your own home.

Are you a family member that is concerned about a parent or loved one who may need some assistance to remain safely in their home? With new home technology you gain peace of mind, a deeper connection with your loved-one and significant savings compared to common alternatives such as assisted living.

Minimize family worries, increase your quality of life, and even gain an increased sense of security with discreet and affordable home health tools and monitoring systems.

vibrant grandparents and young girl laying in grassInnovative technology allows your family and professional caregivers to stay closely connected with you, without changing or disrupting your daily routine.

Automatic communication and activity monitoring makes this possible. Tiny sensors alert caregivers of unusual changes in your environment or routine, based on your unique circumstances. You do nothing but live freely and comfortably!

Our technology ranges from individual health and wellness devices, fire and safety systems, medication management tools, to affordable whole home monitoring systems.

CONTACT US today and we will discuss your specific concerns.  We will identify the options that can enable the senior to age in place while providing the safety and security that family members need to provide peace of mind.

Learn about Jean or Henry and how the whole home system worked for each of them by clicking below!

Jean's Story           Henry's Story


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