Aging in Place

Communicate, Connect & Engage through Aging in Place Technology

Age in Place in your own home with improved safety & peace of mind!

Continued independence is a dream shared by many of us.  Don’t we want that for our loved ones as they age?  Through an innovative, completely unobtrusive whole-home monitoring and communication system, GrandCare, aging in place is more attainable and affordable than ever!

The GrandCare system is connected through an interactive touchscreen or a non-interactive base unit.  Communication through either unit allows family members and caregivers to remotely and passively monitor safety and wellness without compromising dignity or privacy.  Through the interactive touchscreen loved ones and caregivers can communicate, send pictures, email messages, calendar appointments, medication reminders, and even connect via Skype.  This can reduce loneliness and isolation especially for someone who does not have a family member nearby.  No computer experience is required.

The system provides 24/7 real time access via the Internet to health, wellness and safety information that has been recorded.  Rules and alerts can be established to instruct the system to automatically send an email, text message, or phone call to a designated person if something is wrong or out of the ordinary.

CONTACT US to customize a system with pricing that is affordable and meets the needs of each individual.

Which System is Best for Me?

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If you are a professional caregiver, click here for system information.

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