Manage Health at Home

 Effective home management of your health requires the proper tools.  The latest home health technology goes beyond the old-fashioned collection of data for improved care, accuracy and convenience.

You already know the importance of monitoring blood pressure, weight, blood sugar and more. But what good is this vital health information if it’s not used effectively and systematically?

We recommend replacing stand-alone devices with the affordable new tools you may not yet be aware of.  Our weight scales, blood pressure monitors, glucometers, oximeters and more can communicate with each other, produce reports, trigger alerts to caregivers and through secure web portals allow access to the data by the “connected” care team.

The days of handwriting or typing measurements and health readings is over.  Simply weigh yourself, and know that the weight has been automatically recorded in your private, secure database.  Take your blood pressure, and that’s it!  No remembering, and no writing it down.

In addition to keeping records, new devices can trigger alerts under your direction.  Key family members, caregivers or even you can be notified of important changes in your health via phone call, text or email.

With the right tools, you can drastically improve care while maintaining your current home care routine.  Below you will find some example products.Pricing ranges from as low as $50 for basic devices to more elaborate and sophisticated technology  upwards to $500 .  Contact us for a free initial consultation and recommendation for your unique circumstances.


Wireless fingertip pulse oximeter with bluetooth technology


Blood Pressure Monitor    

Automatic, wireless blood pressure monitor with an
irregular heartbeat detector, time stamp data and
memory recall.


Personal Weight Scale                                                             

Tracks weight loss (or gain) and body mass index
(BMI) for 1-2 people, 330 lb capacity


 Advanced BlueTooth Enabled Glucose Meter

Rapid results, smallest blood sample size (0.3 microliter) and                 
automatic coding of test strips.
Includes: blood glucose meter, carry case, lancing device, USB cable, 3 month trial membership

(Test strips and control solution sold separately.)


Complete Glucose Meter System

Real time transmittion and evaluation of daily readings                  
through  mobile phone or computer.
Includes: glucose meter, carry case, lancing device,
USB cable, 150 test strips, 100 lancets,
3 month trial subscription

Wireless Activity Monitor                                                                 

Tracks distance, steps, activity time, and calculates
calories burned when clipped on your shoe


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